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I believe fashion and art are the inspiration behind hairdressing and having fun in the meantime is the passion that drives my work to constantly evolve. I specialize in Balayage hair painting, highlighting each strand with custom strokes and colors one by one. Cutting hair for me is more like sculpting, using multiple techniques to create shapes that grow out gracefully. I have been trained through various prestige haircare brands such as Bumble&Bumble as their network educator, Oribe Haircare, and Loreal Professional as a balayage artist. Balayage is the art of painting the hair, strand by strand to create natural, seamless, sun kissed color that shows no unnatural marks or lines a foil highlight would create. This is a very prestigous technique that requires many courses and hours of practice to be successful at. I am proud to say that over the past four years i have taken the courses and put my education to work and now am able to test out at the Loreal SOHO academy to be internationally recognized as a balayage expert.